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 Home Addresses

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PostSubject: Home Addresses   Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:13 pm

Here's a list of "properties" associated with the characters around ABBA:

Auriole, Julian Gabriel
3rd Floor L'Appartement, Nice

Baudin, Russel Matthias
4th Floor, Tour de Chaffee, Vichy

Boulet, Veronique Carrie
La Maison de Boulet, Nice

Champney, Armelle Anastasia
7th Floor, Pad A Terre, Paris

Daniels, Jacob Lucas
5th Floor A, Piece du Mons, Paris
4th Floor, Tour du Temple, Paris
La Ferme de Daniels, Normandie

Doloresta, Dianna
*London, England

Doloresta, Marianna Eleanor
4th Floor, Tour du Temple, Paris
Le Chateau de Doloresta, Dijon

Doloresta, Nicholas
*London, England

Mathieu, Jacques Antoine
Cabane de Mathieu, Nice

Monticelli, Elise Faye
4th Floor, L'Appartement, Nice

Noelle, Helene Denise Marie
5th Floor, L'Appartement, Nice

Whitcombe, Cassandra Adiana
7th Floor, Pad A Terre, Paris

* Feel free to provide a complete address, for roleplaying purposes; and whether or not you want a forum for your house. If so, post below the name/address that you want, and a brief description of the history or location.

mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai
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Home Addresses
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