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 Coming Home After Some Errands

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Veronique Boulet
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Veronique Boulet

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PostSubject: Coming Home After Some Errands   Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:53 pm

Veronique opened up her door with her cherrywood wand so it would allow her into the house with her bags in hand and towing behind her. Today had been a busy shopping day for her. She went and got groceries for herself at the market. Also she had found a couple new outfits and a dress. She was not rich but yesterday she got a cheque in the mail from the St. Michel's in which she filled in a couple of shifts. Trainee healers surprisingly get paid a decent wage. Veronique was lucky, she had inherited the house with all of the furniture, which was paid for already, and she was making a decent paycheck. "Not bad at all," she would think to herself sometimes.

Walking towards the kitchen with the food in her arms she unpacked the food into the correct cupboards and into the refrigerator. Then, going up the stairs skippingtwo steps at a time she dragged the bags with clothing in them behind her. She tried each thing on and looked in the mirror then put it away. She opened up the french doors outside to her balcony and walked outside and breathed in the smell of the river and the outdoors. Veronique's long wavy hair blew in the wind and she smiled. It was nice being alone sometimes but she did miss her school friends. She wondered what they were doing right now. Maybe she got a letter? It was a small chance but a chance nontheless.

Running down her stairs to the mailbox she grabbed everything out of it and headed towards the kitchen. Taking out all of the flyers and junk and throwing them into the garbage she saw an envelope addressed to herself. It was very well decorated and fancy. Taking a knife out of the drawer she opened up the envelope. As she read the sheet of parchment her mouth slowly opened.

A wedding? Jacob and Maria's? She knew it would happen but she would not have expected in a million years to be invited to such an event. Things were running through her mind. What would she wear? How would she do her hair? Things that run through a normal woman's mind when getting ready for an event. Who would be there? She took the beautiful invitation and posted it on her fridge and marked the date on her calendar.

Then she layed on the couch and flipped on the television to see what was on.
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Coming Home After Some Errands
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