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 Steph's new projct

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PostSubject: Steph's new projct   Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:12 pm

Hi All,

Just in case you're interested in learning a bit... I've been doing a lot of study lately about writing as I'm trying to write a book.

Anyway, I've started up a blog with everything that I'm learning and puttting it up on livejournal.

The link is [url=julesames.livejournal.com]here[/url]. I'm using my online pen name to write it. So it's a bit different to my old journal if you read that one and is mainly all about writing really.

Anyway, if you read it and want to comment, or add anything let me know who you are by signing your comments.

Love you guys!! Thanks for your support as well with my writing, you're really helping!! Smile

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Steph's new projct
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