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 Julian Auriole

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Julian Auriole
Main Character
Former Eau
Julian Auriole

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PostSubject: Julian Auriole   Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:59 am


Full Name: Julian Gabriel Auriole

Age: 25, born May 21st 1983

House: Eau

Blood: Pure blood


Julian's eyes are rendered in an unusual gray green, and turn into either color depending on his mood. When especially pleased, his eyes are a bright green just like his mother's; otherwise, they turn gray in an accurate impression of his father's somber look. He also inherited his father's oblong face and slender nose while his mother had given him his blond hair, which he doesn't bother to fix unless it gets in the way of his eyesight. Nearly 6 feet, about 5' 11", Julian had inherited his father's height. He has a naturally lean built that had been developed over the years through Quidditch, preventing him from being too lanky or awkwardly tall.


Julian has changed a lot over the course of many years. From being a quiet young boy in Nice who was constantly avoiding social activities with Muggles as a precaution from exhibiting his magical lineage, he has developed into an energetic teenager who befriends almost everyone. His years in Beauxbatons allowed him to gain confidence in himself, knowing that there is a world where he can fit into.

Ever the supporter of spontaneity, almost every major change or occurrence in the former Eau's life was never the fruit of long-term plans or childhood dreams. Julian is impulsive and lives for the moment, allowing the present to take over his life without thoughts of the past nor the future. He often acts without thinking and is either pleasantly surprised or caught unawares by the results of his actions. Julian likes to try out new things, but he's capable of deep and sincere devotion to ideals that catch the real desires of his heart. He can be very empathetic with people, and this capability of understanding human beings often allows him to break the ice.

One trait of Julian's that is often misinterpreted is his being very physically affectionate. Most of the casual relationships that the young man had during his years in music school were solely based on physical attraction, but when it comes to loving deeply, one can count it using fingers from only one hand. The rest of his romantic escapades can be rightly blamed on his penchant for seeking pleasure, fun, and thrill, or as Julian would call it, faulty genes from the far side of the family.


Born in Nice, France, Julian used to be the only child of Nicolas Perceval Auriole and Antoinette Mireille Beaumont-Auriole until the birth of Julian's younger sister, Dianne Isabelle when he was twelve, and then of his younger brother, Adrian Raphael several months before Julian turned 16. They come from an average wizarding family despite the fact that both Nicolas and Antoinette came from rich pure-blood lineages. The young couple pretty much rebelled against the pureblood tradition and went to live as Muggles in Nice.

They raised Julian in an average Muggle neighborhood in Nice, and the boy grew up in a house half hidden from Muggles, just like his very own identity. Having been warned by his parents early on that he might exhibit magical abilities, Julian became very careful with his actions at a young age, and was more or less successful in pretending he was normal when he hangs around Muggle kids. He stopped getting outside and visiting neighbors around the time he was about to turn eleven, and when the letter of acceptance to Beauxbatons came, Julian felt relieved about not having to pretend to be non-magical any longer. He loved being in the school that he even spent the holidays in the castle, something his parents understood and never resented.

Crisis during Julian's second year in school compelled him to stop his studies for a while, but when his mother became an employee of Madame Montreau, Julian was able to go back to school with much ease on his family's financial situation as compared with before. Julian gained a grandmother and a foster sister in the form of Elise, but with quite the awkward instances such as when the old woman would tease the two with betrothal. Nevertheless, Julian became fond of Elise, or Faye as he would call her.

After graduation, Julian became an employee of Travis Franklin, his former house head, working as weekday assistant manager and weekend piano player for La Fiche Bleu while learning music under the tutelage of Peter Lyndon, a brilliant musician. After two years of full time work and part time study, Julian was accepted in the Muggle conservatory in Paris. He kept his job as weekend musician in the restaurant but resigned as the assistant manager.

Julian spent four years in Paris learning everything he can about piano, while juggling his time between friends and work in Vichy, family in Nice, running off to Italy or London once in a while during the first two years in the conservatory. Julian now works as a regular musician in several establishments in Paris and Vichy, including old La Fiche Bleu. Julian is also a bit of a celebrity, having earned a name in the big world of competitive music.


Damien Mauvais = best friend, Eau house mate, distant cousin
Maria Doloresta = best friend, Eau house mate, ex-girlfriend
Jacques Mathieu = friend, Eau house mate, co-worker in La Fiche Bleu
Jacob Daniels = friend, Quidditch team mate, Bludger buddy
Russel Baudin = friend, Quidditch team mate, co-worker in La Fiche Bleu
Armelle Champney = friend, Quidditch team mate, co-worker in La Fiche Bleu
Veronique Boulet = friend, Quidditch team mate, co-worker in La Fiche Bleu
Helene Noelle = ex-girlfriend, Quidditch team mate
Elise Monticelli = 'apple of the eye', distant cousin


Color: blue
Food: ratatouille
Drink: iced tea
Broom: firebolt 2100
Wand: holly with a core of merfolk hair, 7 inches
Boggart: lethifold
Patronus: fox
Mirror of Erised: being a father

Best class(es): Transfiguration
Worst class(es): Muggle Studies

Excels at: flirting
Room for improvement: tardiness

Strongly Likes: music, flying, sleeping
Strongly Dislikes: pressure, guilt

Academic Transcript:
(I asked Sam for this when Julian graduated. ^^)
Credits Passed: 28
Credits Failed: 1 (and a couple of unrecorded others, I'm pretty sure)

Astronomy = E, O, A
COMC = E, A, A, O
Dark Arts = O, A, A, E
Divinations = A
Etiquette = A
Herbology = O, O, A, E
Muggle Studies = P
Mythology = E, E
Outdoor Education = E
Potions = O, A, E
Transfiguration = O
IRC = Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass
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Julian Auriole
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