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 Story Arc Update 1

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PostSubject: Story Arc Update 1   Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:35 am

Since I can't write anything at the moment, I shall read instead and be up-to-date. I believe we are still on the idea of using story arcs for the main characters here in ABBA (Mamma Mia!) and currently we're on the Jacob and Maria arc.

So what's up with them?

They're getting married. Forum on focus is The Wedding of Maria and Jacob in Normandie; all the relative threads are in there.

And So It Begins started off the whole wedding thing. We see Dianna as the wedding planner, while Nicholas is dispatched off to herd the men of the wedding party.

In Why No Peeking?, we see the men fixing themselves to be presentable. Jacob feels the usual pre-wedding jitters and Nicholas plays the role of shrink for the groom. Julian sneaks out of the gathering for a while to steal Maria and returns just in time to complete the wedding party once more. A conflict between Auror and werewolf is brewing in the distance. Let's see who will throw the first punch (and judy).

In Getting Cold Feet? Hope Not, Maria is experiencing the same jitters and luckily a real shrink is there for her. She is momentarily kidnapped by Julian into Something Blue, where the silly best man becomes quite emotional. Scary. Maria returns to the female wedding party just in time for her father to give her the something old, if I read correctly.

The Grand Event is where everyone ought to be by the time the men finally decide to go and quit snarling at each other. Yeah, I know, Julian should post something as well. But my muse deserted me!

Anyway, we have a couple of sub plots along with the wedding.

We welcome Cassandra and Gisele; one a huntress, the other a.. uh, bitch? I'm not sure. We see Armelle becoming friends with Cassie, who was actually a woman in Jacques' life. So if there's still the Jacques-Armelle connection after all these years, then ooh, we've got something brewing in the distance. Good luck, Armelle, Jacques and Cassandra!

As for Gisele, well, let's let Russel deal with her. For some reason, they seem perfect for each other.

We also might have something with Elise versus Helene, but as far as I know, Helene is quite unaware of the blurry connection between Julian and Elise, as well as Julian being unaware of Helene actually coming to the wedding. Or maybe it just doesn't matter to him? The last time he was in London was quite the trauma (LMAO). But I think he knows an invite was sent to her.

That's it for the meantime. Happy reading/writing/plotting!

PS. This post oddly sounds like a mystery post. Scary.

mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai mai

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PostSubject: Re: Story Arc Update 1   Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:39 pm

Omg, if this is what your myst posts were like I feel very out done. Razz I was never ever thiat witty. <3
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Story Arc Update 1
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