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 Jacques Mathieu

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Jacques Mathieu
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Jacques Mathieu

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PostSubject: Jacques Mathieu   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:00 am

Full Name: Jacques Antoine Mathieu

Date of Birth: September 2, 1991

House: Eau

Blood: Half-Blood

Appearance: Jacques is 6'4". He is a light tan with wavy brown hair. He has hazel eyes that seem to change color in some lights, and striking straight, white teeth. Due to his profession and werewolf curse, his stature is quite muscular.

Personality: Jacques is somewhat self-deprecating. He has a humorous streak, but study is very important to him. He usually expresses his ideas unless they will get him into trouble. Jacques is generally conforming to the stereotype that comes with an Eau and he has started to pursue his own dreams and desires, but goes with the flow should something come up. Since joining up with the crowd he now associates, Jacques has been more outgoing and quite the Eau.

History: Antoine Mathieu II was born in Nice, France and was tutored in magic by his parents, who thought an education with others would stifle his gifts. He became a researcher of Magizoology. While on vacation to Luxembourg, he came down with a life threatening case of dragon-pox. He simply told the muggle girl he met that evening that he had a case of the chicken pox and so they went on with their scheduled date. After spending a few days together the two fell in love and decided to be wed. They moved back to Nice.

Catherine des Sources was born in Lorraine, France. She was born to two muggle parents unaware of the existence of magic. On the same fateful vacation in Luxembourg, Catherine met Antoine Mathieu and the two were later married.

Immediately after, back to Nice, Antoine's illness became progressively worse. On the day of his death, Antoine revealed his magical past and the reason of his illness. On the same day, Catherine announced that she was pregnant. Approximately nine months later Jacques Antoine Mathieu was born.

Catherine was always afraid that her child might display some magical abilities, so she kept him away from other children. He grew older and started displaying these very fears.

On one occasion, Jacques was trying to reach a container of magical items his father had left behind in his old room. Catherine left Jacques in this room most of the time not knowing she was helping his magic flourish. The container fell open and an old broom fell out. Jacques mounted the broom and started zipping throughout the house.

His mother knew this time would come, so she started introducing her child to the magical acquaintances her husband had introduced.

Finally, Jacques' letter for Beauxbâtons came with no surprise. His mother let him go, and without an elaborate good-bye he was gone.

When Jacques had been at school for only a short period, his mother remarried a man from down the street named Luc Defarge. The news of this bond also came with the news of a birth of his half-sister, Nicole. At first, Jacques was thrilled, but things shortly turned sour.

Jacques spent most of the year at school and barely knew his new family members. Alas, when the boy did visit, his stepfather was killed in a car accident that his sister had been in also, but survived. Nicole’s survival may have been attributed to the magical qualities she was exhibiting despite her complete Muggle heritage. Jacques’ mother went into a state of depression and Jacques fled, leaving his mother and sister behind.

Jacques now lives with one Falcon de Lichtenstein, a Wizarding Archeologist, and still hopes for the best of his family.

In December 2008, Falcon adopted Jacques as a son.

In January of 2009, Jacques was the target of the attack by werewolves on the school. He was bitten and has become one of the infected creatures. He tries to live his life day to day, but finds it more and more difficult.

Along the same lines, his mother and sister were attacked and killed in their home in Nice before Jacques was attacked. He lives, alone, in the beaten down shack that stands as the remains of his home.

Father: Antoine Mathieu II
Father's Mother: Renee Bonaparte
Father's Father: Antoine Mathieu I

Mother: Catherine des Sources
~Stepfather: Luc Defarge~
Mother's Mother: Fernanda Boulangerie
Mother's Father: Léon des Sources
Mother's Brother: Franc des Sources
Mother's Brother: Gustave des Sources
-Wife: Nicole Chou
Mother's Sister: Lynn des Sources

Jacques Antoine Mathieu

~Nicole Puit Defarge~


Jacques' first friends at the Academy were Briggitte and Cecil. The three were very close until the departure of Cecily when their friendship started to fall apart. Due to that occurrence, Jacques started hanging with a different crowd.

Lucas Biron was the next to ascend the position of Jacques best friend after Briggitte, but also fell from this position when he started drifting into his own fantasy world.

Demi Noel was Jacques first girlfriend. In dating her, he fell into that crowd with Florence Charrier, Juliette Perrot, and Karigan Gladheon. The friendships there were always tipsy, but Jacques finally ended any sentiments there when he broke up with Demi in his fifth year. Florence then further estranged herself from the Eau by attacking him for his actions.

Armelle Champney was initially just a classmate and coworker of Jacques'. Over his fifth year, the two became friends and fell prey to a botched love potion. The two found themselves in an amorous position while Armelle was dating Jacob (see below). Despite this, Armelle and Jacques sustained a friends with benefits relationship during their last year of schooling and were very close due to the thievery of each set of virginity.

Jacob Daniels first started associating with Jacques, ironically, after Jacques was seen macking on his girl. Even though that occurred, Jacob was level headed and befriended Jacques, going as far as to tutor him in Transfiguration.

Veronique Boulet is a friend of Jacques and also a coworker. She is Armelle's best friend so Jacques and Veronique became friends as well.

Russel Baudin was the Potions Assistant in Jacques' fifth year. He was also associated with Jacques' other friends.

Julian Auriole was one of two Eau prefects when Jacques first came to Beauxbatons. Even though, during school time together, the two were not very good friends, Jacques spent time working with Julian at La Fiche Bleu after the elder graduated. The two are friends today due to their working and Eau bond.

Maria Doloresta is like the impossible older sister. She can't be his older sister unless their mother was in labor for a few months since their ages are quite close, but Jacques always respected her as such. Maria was also a prefect when Jacques came to school.

Wand: Ash wood, Ten and three quarters inches, salamander heartstring core.
Flower: Tulips.
Color: Deep greens
Food: Beef and Noodles
Drink: Chocolate Milkshake

Boggart: Failure personified through professors telling him he has done so
Patronus: Golden Eagle
Mirror of Erised: Surrounded by admirers and fans of his brilliance

Strongly Likes: Music, reading and languages.
Strongly Dislikes: Rudeness, drama and fakeness.

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Jacques Mathieu
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