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 Cassandra Whitcombe

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Cassandra Whitcombe
Guest Character
Cassandra Whitcombe

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Job: Magical Marine Biologist
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Blood: Pure blood

PostSubject: Cassandra Whitcombe   Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:44 am


Full Name: Cassandra Adiana Whitcombe

Age: 20

School: Australian School of Magic



Cassandra’s entire family hails from Cumberland Island. Ever since she was a small child, born of adventure, she has thirsted for the thrill of the outside world. The minute magical populations has produced a long line of pureblooded witches and wizards that hail from the once aboriginal rulers and kings. While the old race obviously died out, now replaced by the paler skinned folks that currently inhabit the island, the culture still remained. Tribal rituals were routine during Cassandra’s childhood and she rarely found a moment alone. Due to this, her clingy personality formed and she constantly sought the attention of another. In youth, she wanted the doting of her parents, but in her twenties, she incessantly seeks love or the closest thing to it she can find.

The residents of the island were always kind to Cassandra, as most of them were family. Alas, she sought something more. Both her mother and father had retreated from Cumberland in their early twenties to seek thrills, but Cassandra’s mother’s early pregnancy curtailed any cliff diving adventures or escapades with the magical folk known on the mainland. Returning to Cumberland, Richand and Stacey were welcomed back with open arms. The bundle upon Stacey was even more warmly welcomed by the families as well as the inhabitants of the rest of the island.

The loveliest wedding was prepared for the two lovers and they were wed. Alas, Stacey refused to take Richand’s name and his will was bent enough that Cassandra too took her mother’s name rather than that of her father. Growing up on a Muggle beach house, the child was privy to all sorts of aqueous exploration. Through the years, she grew and displayed magnificent magical ability, but keeping her brains behind her other intentions. Luckily for her mentally ailed parents, Cassandra received her letter for the Australian School of Magic perched atop Mount Brady beside the Great Victoria Desert. Her seven years of attendance morphed her previous childish intentions into those of promiscuity to mask her brains.

Most of her classmates were surprised when the girl graduated top of her class with honors as they often dismissed her as one to whore around, having lost her virginity at the ripe age of sixteen to a since fired alchemy professor. After finishing her schooling, she went on to study Magical Marine Biology on her home of Cumberland Island. A few years of home grew tiresome again and she decided to make her way to Europe, the languages of which she had already mastered in her spare time.

As French was one language she thrived speaking, she found her way to magical France and Vichy, only to see the scene consisted mostly of school kids save the underground. This is where she first encountered Jacques, a man of much more sexual experience. Their night together tamed her almost totally until he left in the morning, leaving a note of sincerest apologies. He had left without much explanation, but left he had indeed. Hearing there was a large gathering of witches and wizards throughout France, she made her way to Paris where she encountered many fellows, most of whom were Jacques’ schoolmates.

She now resides in an a Muggle apartment complex somewhere outside Paris where she frequents the shops and attempts to make her life as an adult work.

Cassandra does not yet know any other of the old Beauxbatons crew.


Color: Cobalt Blue
Food: Curry
Drink: Sex on the Beach
Broom: N/A
Wand: Purpleheart Wood, just shy of 9 and 1/4 inches. Core of Phoenix tail feather.
Boggart: Finding her innards strewn across the continents
Patronus: Giraffe
Mirror of Erised: Being with one handsome figure for the rest of her life. A life without children.

Best class(es): Alchemy and Care of Magical Creatures
Worst class(es): Potions and Ancient Runes
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Cassandra Whitcombe
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