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 Jacob Daniels

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Jacob Daniels
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Former Ciel
Jacob Daniels

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PostSubject: Jacob Daniels   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:39 am


Full Name: Jacob Lucas Daniels


Former House: Ciel

Blood: Muggleborn


Jacob has grown into a young and reasonably handsome man. At a young age his appearance wasn’t an unattractive one, but merely plain and he didn’t stand out in a crowd. Now however, as he has become more outspoken and has, so to speak, come out of his shell, he has grown into a healthy man of twenty-three. He is broad shouldered, stocky, though not overly so, Quidditch has given him a modestly toned body, and standing at 6 foot and three inches he is very tall.

Jacob has a head of brown, thick hair that grows very quickly and so regularly, it is seen covering the tops of his ears. He has blue-grey eyes and well defined cheek bones with a tiny scar running from his nose to his top lip, a scar he received from a horse riding accident.


Shy around new people, Jacob waits for people to come to him rather then him going to them. He doesn't talk much, though is fluent in male and tends to grunt a lot.

He is peaceful and friendly though enjoys his own privacy. Jacob rarely gets angry and is a passive boy who does not like confrontation, although is known to retreat and be moody at times. Though like any person, can jump out of character from time to time should he feel strongly against something.

He is very bright and observant and enjoys spending his time reading books in the library. He is an intellect and spends most of his time in the world of the mental and theories. He has a quick and eclectic mind and attracts information from all directions. He has an ability to learn a lot of things on a variety of subjects and craves deeper knowledge and understanding.

His versatility and adaptability makes him capable of getting the most out of virtually every opportunity in life.


Jacob was brought up by his mother and father, after he was born though, his mother was in a horse riding accident which left her incapable of bearing more children. In result of that, Jacob's parents became very protective of him and sheltered him from a lot of things. When he received his invitation for Beauxbâtons his parents were reluctant at first but gradually became accepting of his destiny. He is the only wizard in his family as far as he knows but he did have a cousin who was into the whole mind reading, hocus pocus deal. He doubts she was really magical though, just kooky.

His parents are Catholics but allow Jacob to make his own religion his choice and accept his path though are a little concerned for him. They love him very much though, regardless of the choices he makes.

His family lives on a large property that holds a few horses, in his free time he enjoys spending time with his favourite horse Idaho.

It has been nearly a year since Jacob's mother died from a horrible muggle disease that could not be cured by normal medicine and the French Ministry had prohibited Muggles to be treated by their healers due to some legal complications.

Jacob's father has been mourning the loss of his dear one and has isolated himself, very rarely talking to anyone anymore. He continues to take care of his farm but the widower has shut off all other contact. After that Jacob spent most of his holidays at school instead of returning home.

Upon graduation Jacob began to study Magical Theory, most magical folk found the subject to be relatively boring, but Jacob found the dull subject quite fascinating and decided to write a thesis on it. Upon graduating the Magical University, Jacob took upon himself to research the subject further, believing there to be more magical discoveries to be found.


Jacob’s best friend in school was Russel Baudin who he met in the first year of his Academic life. Russel was Jacob’s confidante and was probably the person who knew Jacob best at the Academy. After graduation Jacob and Russel went their separate ways, both wanting different career lives.

Maria is Jacob’s high school sweet heart, the two stared their relationship early on in their school life but broke up not long after they had started their relationship. Jacob continued to pine after Maria who seemed to dodge Jacob’s efforts to get her back. It wasn’t until Jacob’s last year of school that Maria and Jacob got back together.
Jacob proposed to Maria before Maria graduated but was rejected as she did not feel it was the right time. After three years Jacob tried again and was happy to hear her positive response. The two are now set to marry in April.

Julian is another good friend of Jacob’s but their relationship has become strained. After Maria and Jacob broke up, Julian became Maria’s very close friend and Jacob was secretly jealous, though he tried very hard to hide these feelings. When he discovered that Julian and Maria were dating, Jacob was furious, he tried to hide his feelings at first but found it difficult.

Armelle is an ex-girlfriend from school who he cared for very much, he enjoyed her company and considered her a great friend. He was attracted to the side of her that made Jacob laugh. Armelle is very different to Maria and was a very good distraction. Though Jacob doubted the relationship with Armelle would last a long time, he still treasured what he had with her.
They broke up when Jacob found Armelle and Jacques kissing in the Potions lab. He himself had cheated on Armelle only a mere hour before, both feeling in the wrong they ended things but remained good friends.

Jacques, became Jacob's friend in his last year of school after spending time together tutoring the younger in Transfiguration. After graduating, Jacob remained in touch with the younger student. Continuing in helping Jacques reach his full potential in the difficult subject. When Jacques graduated, and no longer required Jacob as a tutor, they remained friends and often drink together. While Jacques is not Jacob's closest friend, he would say he was a one of the good ones.

Veronique is another friend of Jacob’s from school. The two became friends in the later years of schooling, being merely acquaintances until that point. It was a Potions class that brought them together when Veronique took over Jacob’s thoughts, feelings and appearances. The connection brought fourth their friendship and they have been friends ever since.

Jade was a fellow school student in the year below Jacob. She was a girl who he felt attracted though had never made a move on. Mainly because he already had a girlfriend. However, Jade made the moves on Jacob and the two shared a kiss. Of course, this in turn caused the break up of Jacob and Armelle.


Color: Green
Food: Chicken
Drink: Homemade lemonade
Broom: The Lightstrike, brought to you from the makers of The Firebolt, with speeds up to 150 (mph) in under five seconds. Pinpoint precision, hand-numbered with its own registration number, tail twigs of birch, individually selected and honed to aerodynamic perfection, unsurpassable balance, unbreakable Braking Charm, turns with the lightest touch, superbly smooth action.
Wand: Detailed haze, dragon tooth, just shy of 11 inches. Custom grip. Engraving: Scientia est potentia
Boggart: Maria dead.
Patronus: Horse
Mirror of Erised: Graduating with honours. Receiving top marks in all subjects.

Best class: Transfiguration, Dark Arts, Charms

Excels at: Brooding, grunting, Quidditch, Transfiguration, Magical Theory, writing
Areas that need working on: Expressing his feelings in a calm and rational way, talking, understanding women particularly his fiancé.

Strongly Likes: Reading and writing, spending time with horses, animals, Quidditch, discovering new things, drawing, kissing Maria.
Strongly Dislikes: When people try to make decisions for him, when people can't make their own decisions, being sick, noisy eaters.

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Jacob Daniels
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