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 Finally Going Without Hesitation

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Jacques Mathieu
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PostSubject: Finally Going Without Hesitation   Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:25 am

Being twenty one and well past the legal age, you would think that Jacques would have left the comfort zone of the school and Vichy for a while. The school had been his home for seven long years, but that still didn't explain why he hung around the village is if waiting to see if he would be granted a teaching or even janitorial position. Nonetheless, the man needed to make his way upon the world and find people that would not be there only to "shape his mind." His mind had been shaped indeed, it was time to find those who would be able to use the formed mind for a purpose intriguing and meaningful.

Momentary thoughts of abandoning France completely flashed through Jacques' mind, but retreating from the motherland would be a silly error, something that would challenge him more than he could possibly imagine. He had to make his own way in the world, possibly find the magical University he had heard so much about and continue his education.

Those around him, though they were lacking now, knew how Jacques was about knowledge and education. Really, that trait probably contributed to his staying in Vichy for so long.

Finding a secluded spot right outside the school grounds, he looked up at the towers and windows, wand in hand. Perhaps, wherever he went, he would find Armelle. Since they worked together they had been close, but that time had passed.

Turning on his heel, he vanished.
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Finally Going Without Hesitation
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